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Who Does America Trust: Trump Or Comey?

The United States of America faces a fateful choice: Does it believe Donald Trump or James Comey? An epic showdown is now looming. On one side, Donald Trump, the President with a hazy relationship with the truth. On the other side, James Comey, the FBI director he fired, whose finely tuned sense of his own integrity has often steered him into rocky political waters. This head-to-head was set up by stunning allegations that in February Trump pressured Comey to shut down the FBI's Russia probe that was, among other avenues of inquiry, investigating former national security adviser Michael Flynn. Comey won't go away quietly. He's the adversary that most White Houese fear: he's independent, unpredictable, and is guided by his own inner truth of what is right and wrong. While that might ruffle some the wrong way, in the end, he will be seen as someone who does not makes deals or play politics. That should be enough to defeat a floundering President who has a loose relationship with the trut

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